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Lotus Integrated Logistics Pvt.Ltd., is my concrete intellection when I entered into this field of logistics as a first generation entrepreneur. This company is deep-rooted with 5 members and has developed to this state with the help of all our clientele.

With 18 years of profound industrial experience in person & with 9 years of our Lotus Team effort collectively, we have passed many ups and downs which help us to perceive customer pulse and their growing demand in this sector.

As a person I would always say customer is the king and he is our saviour.

Jack Ma

“Never ever compete on prices; instead compete on services and innovation.”

Our Company


The Company Lotus Integrated Logistics Pvt.Ltd. started by its Founder cum CEO Mr.P.Velmurugan. The interesting fact in our company name is that the decision of starting this company was taken inside “The Bahá’í House of Worship ”—Lotus Temple in Delhi. When this wise decision was taken he named this company in remembrance of the temple and the positive vibes keep the company growing in its field.

In 2009 the company started in Hyderabad with 5 staffs in its hood. With the success of business another branch in Chennai was opened and later Chennai-Tamilnadu has become the Head office.

In 2016 our 3rd Branch in Krishnapatnam opened and operation is getting carried out inside KPCT.

We commenced our operations in Tuticorin at 2017 and Mumbai at 2018 successfully to cater the need of the clients in the respective region.

Our Team strength has increased to a level of 150 staffs to ensure dedicated and prompt services to the clients. In addition the Transport Fleet has enhanced to 50 trucks to cater our own client demands.


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